Self-defense is so much more than just learning fighting techniques in order to defend against an attacker.

Our aim is to educate teenagers on how to assess a situation to avoid potential danger, act with confidence and then finally to teach them how to physically protect themselves should they ever need to.

We tailor our seminars according to the age groups that we are working with but the general topics we cover are:

  • Situational awareness & why it’s so important
  • Avoiding focus lock (cell phones in particular…)
  • Body language & what you’re actually saying
  • What attackers look for in a victim
  • Tactics predators use to lure then victimise teenagers
  • Fight & flight reaction & how to work with it
  • What happens to your body under attack
  • Everyday items as weapons
  • Social media safety
  • Cyberbullying
  • De-escalation (speaking or acting in a manner to prevent a bad situation)
  • Basic techniques that are easy to remember should students ever need them

As we are female instructors with children ourselves, our approach is no-nonsense yet nurturing and we provide a safe environment for the teens to be able to speak freely about any topics they may need advice or assistance with.