Educate & Empower Yourself

Fight Like A Girl is run by Christine Eriksen & Ann du Plessis, who between them have over 12 years of martial arts experience.

We run self-defense seminars for women from our base in Hillcrest, Durban and also run corporate seminars on premises and seminars for teenage girls at schools around Kwazulu Natal

Our seminars focus on EDUCATION, as the best form of self-defense is to never allow yourself to get into a bad situation, followed by EMPOWERMENT, where we teach basic, easy to remember techniques that you will use naturally should you ever need them

Fight Like A Girl with Grit & Grace
Grit: "With courage and resolve"         Grace: "With smoothness and elegance of movement"
Our Seminars
Our seminars vary from brief educational seminars only, with no physical training to full seminars including education, physical techniques and scenario simulations.

Some of the content we cover includes:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Body Language
  • What Attackers Look For In A Victim
  • Social Media Safety
  • Flight or Fight Reaction
  • How the Body Responds When Under Attack
  • Rape Psychology
  • Groundwork
  • And So Much More...
Wendy Blackbeard
"Fantastic morning! Everybody needs to be aware and take time to attend a session! Thank you for a simple hands on session that is invaluable!"
Vivian Harris
"I have done the entrance level course and was amazed how little I knew about protecting myself from unwanted attention or attack! This is well worth doing! Thank you Christine and Ann."