Our seminars vary from brief educational talks, with no physical training, to full seminars including education, physical techniques and scenario simulations.

Our aim is to EDUCATE women on basic steps to prevent them from being selected as a victim, as this is the best form of self-defense. We then EMPOWER our students by teaching them basic, natural techniques that they will be able to use should they ever need to.


  • Beginners Self-Defense Seminar +

    In this seminar, you will gain invaluable knowledge about steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. 

    We then move on to demonstrating basic, effective, natural techniques that you will remember should you ever need to. After this training, we go through a few scenario simulations where students have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss what they would do.

    You will walk away educated and empowered, we guarantee it.

    We highly recommend that mothers attend this seminar with their daughters.

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  • Corporate Self-Defense Seminars +

    A fantastic way for a company to show that it appreciates its staff and cares for their well being is to empower them with a self-defense seminar. 

    Your staff will gain invaluable knowledge about steps they can take to prevent themselves from becoming a victim and basic, effective, natural techniques they will remember should they ever need to.

    Not only do these corporate seminars educate and empower your staff, but they can also be a fantastic team building opportunity.

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  • Self-Defense at High Schools +

    Self-defense is so much more than just learning fighting techniques in order to defend against an attacker.

    Our aim is to educate teenagers on how to assess a situation to avoid potential danger, act with confidence and then finally to teach them how to physically protect themselves should they ever need to.

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  • Advanced Self-Defense +

    Once you have completed the beginners self-defense seminar you will be able to further your training with our advanced self-defense seminar.

    Again, we encourage mothers to attend this seminar with their daughters. This way you can keep communicating with each other about what you have learnt, as well as practice the various techniques together.

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