Fight Like A Girl (FLAG) gives you power.

Power of choice.

Do you freeze, do you flight, do you fight?

FLAG is about empowerment.

Empowerment of you.

You will be enabled to have choices around your body and what others can do to your body. No! I choose not to be harmed. No! I choose not to be raped.

Empowerment of women.

FLAG is run by a team who understand that the voice of women is sometimes not used and is often not heard. At FLAG women will find their individual voice, raise their collective voices to shout out what we want, what we need and what we demand.

We Fight Like A Girl because we are girls, we are women, we are together. #TogetherWeCan


If you would like to get involved in our outreach program, please CONTACT US

Siphosami Ndala

Siphosami is one of our new Fight Like A Girl Instructors, who has a strong passion for young girls and women to be protected from victimization. Siphosami believes that the first phase of empowering young girls and women is knowledge about safety. Raising awareness of the possible dangers women can find themselves in, then teaching these women how they can avoid ever being in these situations is what Fight Like A Girl is all about. Siphosami is also passionate about teaching young girls and women the basic techniques they can use to escape situations of victimization, thus saving more lives and reducing the current statistics of gender-based violence in our country.

Siphosami is a wife and mother of two children who has worked in the medical industry for over 13 years. She also runs her own non-profit organisation called Ubomibami Foundation, which is based in Durban and runs outreach programmes to different communities in and around Durban. Siphosami is excited to be part of this life-saving initiative of Fight Like A Girl.

S’negugu Luthuli

S’negugu is another one of the new Fight Like a Girl Instructors who is married and blessed with two amazing little girls. Her passion for youth empowerment started in the early 2000’s when she started a non-formal community study group to assist learners during the transition from traditional to outcomes-based education (OBE). She started a support group for young girls at the age of 17 years and became one of the youngest members in a mentorship program - BBBSSA. She is one of the co-founders of a non-profit organization called Ubomibami Foundation, based in Durban, which conducts outreach programmes to different communities in and around Durban.

S'negugu's passion and gift to coordinate fulfilled her dream of touching and changing lives for the better. She strongly believes in the power of planting a seed (idea) and this is what Fight Like a Girl aims to achieve. Teaching basic and easy to remember techniques that can be used naturally, should one find themselves in a compromising position. Empowering young women to be aware of their surroundings, how to protect/defend themselves and to avoid being a victim by knowing what attackers look for.